Instead of looking at Weiner's weiner, donate to a great charity!

The picture of Andrew Weiner's weiner has hit the Internet today. Am I posting it? God no. It got me thinking though......Image the millions of web users that are spending a lot of time today searching for the pic & e-mailing it to their friends, talking about it etc.... What if every one of those people also spent a few minutes donating to a great charity & telling their friends about it?
Say no to Weiner & yes to charity!!!!!!
So with that being said, here is a selection of charities that I love & folks that have helped me with my latest auction for the blind or are just cool peeps in general.

James Morrison went through the experience of having his son deal with a brain tumor. is his favorite charity & well worth your time!

Mircea Monroe is more than just a pretty face and a hilarious person. She recently told me about , such a great cause!

Jenny McCarthy is such a cool person and has been so kind to me. Her organization is fantastic!!
Alyssa Milano is ALWAYS doing something kind for someone in need! Her latest quest is pure awesome!
Patricia Heaton brought much deserved attention to Bringing homes & happiness to to down syndrome children? Makes me smile. :)

Eliza Dushku is pure goodness! Her Mom started & Eliza is it's champion!!
Christina Applegate has done so much great work to bring awareness about breast cancer to so many! rocks!
There are plenty more great organizations to the right of this webpage. Check them out. Donate to a great cause. Feel great!!!