Eliza Dusku fan Cindy Mealer's great experience at the taping of Eliza's new CBS pilot!

Geno's World is a big fan of Eliza Dushku! We love her fantastic film & TV roles & appreciate the time that she spends with her fans. A truly lovely person! A fellow fan, Cindy Mealer was lucky enough to attend the taping of Eliza's new CBS pilot "Roar of the Crowd". Cindy was kind enough to talk to me about her experience. (Please follow Cindy on Twitter, she's a true fan & great person! http://twitter.com/cindymealer )

- How long have you been a fan of Eliza Dushku?

I'd say probably 7 years. TNT shows 2 episodes of Angel in the mornings before I go to work. I get to see only the 1st one only, though. It was my 1st Whedon show and loved the idea of "vampire with a soul". Lol. I think I only got to see Faith's season 4 eps and 1 of the season 1 ep, so I'd miss out of some stuff. Mainly WHERE the character started really. I really loved the Faith character because I identified with it so much. I found myself always getting mad when I'd miss the credits to find out who she was. Lol. Once I did, Syfy channel aired a marathon of Tru Calling and she was everywhere. Lol. I was so thrilled to find she got her own show. Come to find out sadly it had already been canceled. I saw everything "after the fact". Lol. I just loved the realness she brought to her characters. I really admire her hard work and it shows in everything. I did get to be a part of the Dollhouse fan base as it air. We won't discuss how upset I am Fox canceled it or this can easily turn into a book. Lol. I call Eliza and Joss "The Dynamic Duo". That's also when I got a computer. With no experience "at all" eventually got around to social media with Facebook. I joined Twitter when Dollhouse was flailing saw "Join twitter to help save Dollhouse" on @whyiwatch's web site....so I did. Lol. And it was on from there.

- What have your experiences with her been like?

I'll start with "sooo grateful". Lol. Mostly to @mikeownby for talking me into going with him to see her at the Egyptian for the We Live In Public, 6 state, simulcasted screening she was hosting in L.A.. Ya know how you anticipate getting a chance to just say "hi" if at all possible and maybe get a handshake? Well, that night was beyond amazing. Not only did we get to meet at the door, Mike and I were sitting right behind her and her brother Nate. We began talking and she asked me where I was from. I laughingly smiled and said "Ojai". Lol. All of a sudden I see her eyes widen and hear "shut up! No way, really? We were just up there camping and broke down on the mountain and had to mountain bike down for cell service to call for help." Lol. I told I'd seen her shout out tweet to Ricardo from AAA who helped them (who I used to work with) and actually called him to tell him about the tweet. Lol. Nate and I were making fun of all the glitches the simulcasting was having. They sounded very alien. Lol. I'd say the one thing that really stuck in my head was when the movie started, she and Nate got up to leave. She turns to us and says "We've this like seen this 5 times, so we're gonna go hang out til it's over. Please excuse us. We'll be bad before just before it ends." Now that's class! To me, she didn't need to do that, because "who were we?" Lol. But it made a huge impression on me that she took the time to do it. We chatted a lot more throughout the rest of the evening. She was even gracious to take a pic of her and I. We got all posed but needed someone to take it. Mike and Rick (Fox) were chatting, so I started saying "Mike, Mike, Mike"...nothin'! Lol. Then it was "Rick, Rick, Rick" from both of us...nothin'. Then here came Nate back down the isle...."Nate, Nate..." She starts cracking up and says it with me. Lol. Of course Nate took the pic, adding, "aww, it's a really good one of you two."

Now the 2nd meeting was at the Whedon Con in L.A. in November. Amazing, since it was my 1st Con. Mike Ownby was working the Con, and my best friend Justin (@ActiveVictor) and Diana (@ultimaterelaxer) won the Eliza meet & greet, so I hung out with Miracle Laurie, her now husband Chris and his mom for an hour while they did that. I turn, and here comes Eliza and Rick coming into the lobby where we were. first thing out of my mouth...Eliza? She looked up from her phone and said "Cindy, right?" I was floored! Awww, you remember me? Lol. We did a quick chat as they were led to the M&G, and they were off. Then it was Q&A time. I did get up, not to ask a question, but just to tell her "thank you for making being a tomboy cool!" Lol. At the photo op, when it was my turn, she turned to me I said "Hey, sweetie! Long time no see!" She goes "Lol hey, yaaay!' and grabs my arm, then puts her hand on my shoulder and pulls me in close for the pic. It surprised the hell outta me. Lol. It was her 1st Con too, and seemed truly glad to see a familiar face. Lol. She always called me by name like we'd been long time friends. That meant so much to me. At the gold ticket event at the end of the night where she went table to table, she sat next to me which was also cool.

At the pilot taping I always seemed to be at the right place at the right times. Lol. I got stuck waiting at the stage door when I was returning from the restroom with Roman her friend. He high five'd me when I said I was there to support our girl, Eliza. Lol. Then she and Rick came around the corner. First thing out of my mouth..."Hey, sweetie! Long time, no see!" She got the biggest smile on her face and her eyes got wide.."Awww, omg, you're here!" They both started cracking up when I cried "they made us leave our phones in the car! We can't tweet!" We, being @mikeownby and @ultimaterelaxer (Diana) and I. Lol. Then I proceeded to beg Rick "tweet for me, please?!" Lol. She and I had a few "drive by" chat as well. Rick even took a video of me doing my "eye trick" for the studio audience. Lol. I guess she saw it, because she told he got it. Lol. Sadly though, they ran a bit long and could do a curtain call. But Damon Wayans and Eliza came out to thank everyone for coming out to watch. Very nice bonus. The bigger bonus was when she saw Mike and I and came over to talk with us for a while.

- How did you get tickets to her taping?

I was graciously invited by @mikeownby to use his extra ticket. I think Diana found the info and shared it with Mike.

- What was the show like?

Well, during the taping, the show's called "Roar Of The Crowd" about a sports radio show hosted by Damon (Nick). Along with Damon Wayans and Eliza, the cast included on of my favorite comedians Aisha Tyler. I was so excited. Lol. Also Cynthia McWilliams whom I hadn't heard of, but is a great addition. She plays Damon's wife, and Aisha plays his ex wife. Lol. Eliza plays Damon's sassy co-host Casey. The two of them play off each other very well. I do have to say, Damon did go up on his lines a lot, while Eliza was pretty much "Two Take Terri". Lol. I actually only saw her go up on her line once. Lol. I think it really has a good shot to be picked up...I hope. With a little fine tuning I think it'll find an audience.

- How fun was it seeing Eliza doing a comedy role?

I knew it would be great. Eliza has a wonderful sense of humor, and really good comedic timing. One of my favorite lines was (talking about her boobs) "These puppies came out of the box this way. 9th grade...*chick*chick* POW! *chick*chick* POW! Suddenly the braces and head gear didn't matter anymore." Lmao. It was kinda hard to repeat the original laughs from the first takes when they had to repeat a scene, but I think we did pretty good. I actually lost my voice by the end of the night from all the laughing and cheering. Lol. I'm sure Mike didn't mind that at all. Lol. I had a great time getting to see Eliza at her best...at work. Her pre-taped scenes were hilarious. I guess they taped some of it the day before. Everyone was genuinely having a great time making the show. So, everyone, email CBS and let them know you want the show to be picked up for the fall schedule. Okay? Lol

- I understand she met you after the taping. What did you talk about?

Well, besides thanking us for coming out, I told her about my "Mrs. Toad's wild ride" to get everybody together and make it to the taping on time. Lol. She started cracking up when I said we literally snatched Mike up at the airport gate. I said I actually thought of having him just jump in the car through the window as I flew by. Lol. Poor Mike's flight was late due to weather and JUST had time to haul ass to the studio. Then I told her about us standing in line waiting to be led to the set. Me blurting out "I need to tweet!". "I must tweet!" You just don't realize how much you're addicted to twitter until you're made to leave your phone in the car during something as awesome as Eliza taping her pilot. Lol. By the time we got to the set door I was going through withdraws. She also thanked us quite a few times for coming out to see her tape the show. Sadly, Diana had to leave at 10pm to catch her flight back home and didn't get to stay for that. I think they kicked us out about 11:15. Lol. A truly amazing night!

All I can say is, I'm truly blessed!

Thank you, Geno for being such a great Eliza fan as well!

Thank you Cindy for your time & thank you Eliza for being the great person you are!! xoxo

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