Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My inbox just exploded due to Alyssa Milano's happy news

My inbox just exploded. Every family member, friend, clergy member and plumber that I know just e-mailed me to let me know that Alyssa Milano is pregnant. I experienced this "Alyssa e-mail explosion" before. When Alyssa got engaged & married, the e-mails poured in. Every single e-mail is very similar. "Too bad Geno!!! Looks like you lost out!!! Yes it's true. I've had a crush on Ms. Milano for many years. I've had posters hanging on my wall, seen every episode of every show, watched every movie. I love Alyssa. And yes, everyone knows this. Yes, I joked for years that she would be the future Mrs. Geno......but hold on to your hats people.....I'm not insane. I know the difference between a celebrity crush and a future bride. It was all in good fun people!

I'm thrilled that Alyssa has a great hubby David & they are going to be blessed with a little one! You can stop e-mailing me. That means you Aunt Lou!!!.....But ya, the posters stay. The "Charmed" DVDs remain. The celeb crush stays. I love ya Alyssa!!!! All my best to you & David!! xoxoxo :)

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