Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My imaginary interview with Katie Couric

I like Katie Couric. Not in a crazy stalker way. I admire her. She does her newscast with class & style. And yes, I think she's pretty! I've tweeted about my love of Katie for a while now on Twitter without any response from her. Not everyone falls for my nutty charm. I won't give up. I hope that she'll eventually follow me on Twitter & we'll be Twitter pals. Until then, I've decided to conduct an imaginary interview with Katie.

Geno: Katie! What a pleasure it is to interview you. I've been a long time fan.

Katie: Who are you? Are you from TMZ?

Geno: Ummmm. No. TMZ is a huge organization. Geno's World is just me & I raise money for charity with no ads on my site.

Katie: That's great, but what are you doing in the CBS lunchroom?

Geno: I like the pie.

Katie: I don't really have time for this. You seem nice and strikingly handsome, but my newscast starts in 20 minutes.

Geno: We'll always have the lunchroom Katie.

Katie: And the pie.........(Katie walks of into the sunset glowing and smiling like an angel......)

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Bonnie said...

God love ya Geno!

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