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Epic kitty freak out!!!

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Pop-tarts vending machines???

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U2 back on concert trail

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Sarah Palin and daughter Bristol Palin talk to woman from Alaska with "Worst Governor Ever" sign.

John Lennon's fans oppose killer's release.

Men dress up as pigs & squeal for prizes. Insert banjo theme....

Jennifer Aniston answers Motherhood questions for the 25,671st time on ET.

Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman talk to Billy Bush about Jennifer's sexual harrasing character in "Horrible Bosses".

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Air Guitar Champ Crowned In UK

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Maria Menounos named MVP after sacking Kurt Warner and catching TD pass from Joe Montana! :)

Out of wheelchairs, onto surfboards. Inspiring!!

"Glee" cast is back at work.

Father of girl who faked cancer to dupe people out of cash, speaks to GMA.

If you are a news reporter, please DO NOT touch the ice sculpture. Thank you.

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