Princess Diana's letters auctioned.

New & complete "We Are The World" Haiti video.

Octomom plays the dating game with Jimmy Kimmel.

Video: Kristen Stewart attends Red Cross fundraiser for Haiti.

6 month old baby saved by 911 dispatcher over the phone...the baby's father.

Valentine's vengeance? Send a box of cow manure.

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Tiger Woods Cheated During Therapy?

David Letterman's Valentine's Day Top Ten list.

Fergie, Tom Hanks, Demi Moore, Hayden Panettiere & more talk about their plans for Valentine's Day.

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"Sex and the City" slot machines?

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Preview of "25 Things You Didn't Know About Seinfeld" TV Guide special.

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Video: Megan Fox's new underwear ad is as sexy as you would think it would be.

Angelina Jolie tells CNN that she fears for the children of Haiti.

The woman who was Megan Fox's Super Bowl ad thumb model is......quite sexy!

"The Soup" gives John Mayer the treatment that only they can. Bravo.

Heidi Klum set to guest star on "Desperate Housewives".

KeSha says "Blaaaaaaaaaaah!!" to Valentine's day.

Lady Gaga's AIDS awareness push.

Alexis Biedel says she is all for a "Gilmore Girls" movie.

New "Killers" trailer starring Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl.

Oprah made Ellen Degeneres an offer to be on her TV network.

Benecio del Toro does a "Wolfman Top Ten" on David Letterman.

Kelly Ripa calls her hubby a liar on Rachel Ray. :)

Video: Bill Clinton leaves the hospital.

John Mayer's Playboy drama.

Kim Kardashian looks amazing on the runway.

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Gary Marshall directs a porno.

Out of work employees talk about their roles in "Up in the Air".

Valentine's Day beer.

Kelly Bensimon poses for a sexy Playboy pictorial.

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New "Toy Story 3" trailer. Yay!!!

Jessica Biel gets a blizzard unleashed on her by David Letterman.

Alec Baldwin is fine after his emergency trip to the hospital.

Rihanna's new "Rude Boy" video is......wild.

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A blizzard of bloopers. Fun stuff!

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John Mayer is on the verge of tears as he apologizes on stage for his racist comments in Playboy.

Melissa Rycroft is oh so sexy for her new photo shoot.

Madonna discusses her charity wiith Sao Paulo's Governor.

CNN at "The Wolfman" premiere.

Suri Cruise is adorable with her umbrella in the snow.

Video: Dog steals microphone from CNN meteorologist.

Beyonce shoots sexy new music video.

"Bedrooms" trailer starring the fabulous Julie Benz.

Angelina Jolie continues her visit to Haiti.

Lindsay Lohan invites you to her Haiti benefit.

Jessica Alba glows in a fun MTV interview.

Behind-the-scenes Oscar preview

Celine Dion's heartbreak.

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Channing Tatum shows off his stripper moves for Ellen Degeneres.

Jennifer Garner tells David Letterman about how a male a bit too excited over her.

President Obama sings for civil rights.

Angelina Jolie visits Haiti earthquake victims.

Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper talk about their work with AIDS charity on "Today".

Ellen Degeneres brings laughs to "American Idol".

SI cover model Brooklyn Decker tells David Letterman how she met husband Andy Roddick.

"Hurt Locker" star Jeremy Renner sings on "The View".

Ringo Starr gets a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

Tom Cruise signs up for "Mission Impossible 4".

Michelle Obama talks to Larry King about Sarah Palin.

Ozzy Osbourne appears on "Chelsea Lately".

Kirstie Alley's promo for her new A&E show.

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Howard Stern says he wants big bucks to replace Simon on "American Idol".

The fantastic Jessica Alba is interviewed at the "Valentine's Day" premiere.

Sesame Street presents Carrie Underwood as....Carrie Underworm. Awesome!

Patriots cheerleaders perform at McDonald's in China to promote Super Bowl.

David Letterman reveals that the SI Swimsuit cover model has a hairy stomach.

Angelina Jolie travels to the Caribbean & continues her great work.

Dogs don costumes for Carnival. Too cute!

Ashton Kutcher and Jennifer Garner interviewed at "Valentine's Day" premiere.

Anne Hathaway raves about her "Valentine's Day" co-stars at the premiere.

Ad exec talks about producing the popular Betty White Snickers ad.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuits Revealed

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Anne Hathaway's new photos are too sexy for your screen. Too sexy!

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"Dark Moon" ("New Moon" parody) starring Brandon T. Jackson and Eve.

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Michael Jackson's family react to manslaughter charges.

Drew Brees is interviewed at Disney World.

Kate Gosselin changes her hair...again.

Michael Jackson's doctor charged with manslaughter.

The lovely Jessica Alba talks about marriage in the latest Cosmo.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt sue tabloid over false breakup story.

"Dear John" star Amanda Seyfried's cute yearbook pictures.

House hit by cars seven times.

Helping Haiti single goes straight to #1.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have a romantic & fun Super Bowl.

Super Bowl 44's best commercials.

"Dear John" tops "Avatar" at the box office.

Ex-ESPN analyst Steve Phillips talks about his recent sex rehab stay.

Justin Timberlake puts on a wig & has fun getting an award from Harvard.

Drew Brees talks to CBS about the Saints Super Bowl win.

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox look amazing in bikinis.

Reggie Bush Gets Congratulatory Kiss From Kim Kardashian After Super Bowl Win.

Great VW commercial with Stevie Wonder and Tracy Morgan.

David Letterman, Oprah AND Jay Leno team up for Super Bowl ad.

Keep your hands off my Momma and keep you hands off my Doritos ad.

LeBron James, Dwight Howard & Larry Bird's McDonald's Super Bowl commercial.

Did Sarah Palin use crib notes on her hand?

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Is the media siding with the Saints in the Super Bowl?

Josh Groban, Snooki & more give their Super Bowl picks.

"Cialis for three ways" SNL skit starring Ashton Kutcher.

Guy high on pot, pulls his pants down on a flight & gets beaten up by a Mother of three flight attendant.

Ashton Kutcher reveals the next Twitter on SNL..... "Tooter".

Colts receiver dedicates the game to his family in Haiti.

Benecio Del Torro, Anthony Hopkins and Emily Blunt talk about "The Wolfman".

Topher Grace talks about his long time friendship with Anne Hathaway.

Miller High Life "guy" talks about Miller giving Super Bowl ads away to small business owners.

Dave Grohl and Ashton Kutcher star in SNL "Band Reunion at the Wedding" skit.

Ashton Kutcher talks about being mature in his SNL monologue

Them Crooked Vultures rock on SNL.