Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Why am I raising money for Carroll Center for the Blind?

Why am I raising money for the Carroll Center for the Blind? Easy answer. The best people I've ever met walk the hallways at CCB. The employees at CCB include those who lost their vision due to awful tragedies when they were children. It would have been easy to live a life of solitude & complain about their bad luck and awful situation. Instead these real life heroes work in high level positions and can perform at jobs that many sighted folks would fail at. Ever imagine what it's like to be an administrative assistant to a President of a large organization? Not an easy task. Now imagine doing it if you are blind. The Carroll Center has a person who does the job flawlessly and with a joy that is unmatched.

Imagine being shot. You survive, you recover from most of your wounds, except you have lost your vision. I have met several different individuals who were in this awful situation. Where do they turn? The Carroll Center was there to take in each of these folks, teach them how to cook again, teach them how to use a computer, teach them mobility skills, give them counseling and give them hope.

Imagine growing old and losing your vision gradually over the years. You can't drive anymore. You can't read your beloved books. Watching TV becomes a difficult chore. The Carroll Center is there to help the elderly with getting their life back. Offering great technology to let them read again, write checks and do many basic tasks.

Imagine being born blind. What do your parents do? Where do they turn? The Carroll Kids program offers fantastic opportunities for youngsters with vision issues. As they grow older, Summer programs at CCB offer great training, living skills, work opportunities and preparation for College programs that are unmatched anywhere.

I've met sports stars, celebrities, politicians, military heroes and many more great people. Although all great, none match the spirit & courage of the people I've met at the Carroll Center for the Blind. There are many fantastic causes out there. Trust me when I say this. There are none like the Carroll Center. This place is special. I've been lucky to have great celebrities like Alyssa Milano, Mariel Hemingway, Josh Groban, Julie Benz, Kay Panabaker, Michael Chiklis, Sarah Brown, Clare Kramer, Rose McGowan, Holly Marie Combs, Chris Gorham, Ralph Macchio, James Morrison, Tina Cervasio, Dax Holt, Nia Vardalos, Nadia Bjorlin, Stacy Kaiser and many more help me spread the word about my quest. I've had hundreds of my fantastic Twitter followers & Facebook friends spread the word for me. I appreciate the help so much! The donations that have been made are awesome! I love you guys for that! But please don't stop. I need you. I need your continued support. I want CCB to receive a massive check from First Giving.
Please help.
Geno :)


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Straz said...

Our friend and colleague, Geno Carter from the famous GenosWorld Blog is raising money for the Carroll Center for the Blind and Hollywood Giants wants to help.


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