Geno's World caught in the middle of Tracy Young - Kim Zolciak pregnancy story.

I've been friends with Tracy Young for several months. I love Tracy! She bursts with talent, is a knockout and has been very kind to me. We often joke with each other privately and publicly that we are going to have beautiful children together! Yes I'm straight & Tracy is a lesbian, but hey I can dream! Tracy met sexy "Real Housewives" star Kim Zolciak and they collaborated together musically. They developed a sexual relationship that was either a quick fling or a several month long emotional relationship. It depends on who you talk to.

Kim started following me on Twitter after I tweeted to her a few times. I love watching Kim on "Real Housewives"! She is indeed my favorite. Through Twitter, Kim has been very supportive of Geno's World and always has a kind word for me.

Last week I posted a video from Access Hollywood.

Tracy didn't like the fact that Kim was labeled a "Gay Icon":

I talked to Tracy & asked if I offended her. I was confused because I thought that the pair were currently friends. Tracy assured me that she loved me, she just thought it was important that her opinion was heard.

I RT Tracy's comment & said that I loved both Tracy & Kim.
Kim replied on Twitter:
@KimZolciak @Genosworld Hi love ....You are too cute have a blessed day!!! xxoo :)

Ok so everybody loves everybody! YAY! Good because, I like them both.... and then.......
Yesterday Star Magazine broke a bombshell story:

Kim is pregnant? She wanted to raise the baby with Tracy? Whoah. So I contacted Tracy & asked her if the story was true. She told me every word is true. I trust Tracy. She's not a BS person. So I contacted Kim through Twitter & asked her if she would like to comment on the story. She has not gotten back to me as of yet. But she did tweet publicly:

@KimZolciak Lmao at Star magazine article!! Hilarious!
@KimZolciak People will do anything for fame!!! Crackin up over here, Gotta love it :)

Ok, so long story short, yes I adore Tracy & I love Kim. Does this make me a wishy washy person? Maybe, but I'm just me. I'll support Tracy forever. She rocks! She's always working & is in high demand. If Kim is indeed pregnant, that is one lucky kid to have a Mom like Kim. She's great with her daughters. Kim is a huge star and she works very hard at it.

You want drama? Both Kim & Tracy are appearing at Perez Hilton's big event this Sunday. Yes, I'm not a Perez fan, but anything that Tracy & Kim are involved in is a good time:

Tracy Young on twitter:

Kim Zolciak on Twitter: