Geno's World FAQ

Q: Dude! Where did the ads go?

A: I'm trying to make Geno's World a pleasant experience. Who needs "Megan Fox nude photos!!! Click here!!!" ads anyway. I want readers to get what they want, when they want & no bs.

Q: Dude! There are still ads in some of your videos! What's up?

A: Yes, there will still be some ads in some of the videos. There's nothing I can do about that. For instance, if it's a CBS video, CBS put that ad there. Sorry dude.

Q: Dude! How are you going to make money without ads?

A: I've got a donate to Geno's World button near the bottom of the page. If you are well off & like me, giving me some cash is very much appreciated! If you don't have the money or hate me, enjoy the site anyway or continue your hatred. I love you anyway!

Q: Dude! I can't see some of your videos on my iPhone or Blackberry? Why do you hate me?

A: Most videos with the exception of YouTube are using flash. Steve Jobs of Apple hates flash & iPhones are made not to view flash videos. But fear not. Do a google search for "watch flash on iphone" or "watch flash on blackberry" and tech geeks have figured ways around this. And no dude, I don't hate you.

Q: Dude! Why are so many celebrities following you on Twitter?
A: I just work hard at being friendly and being trustworthy with celebs. When one celeb discovers me & enjoys the site & my friendship, they tend to pass the word on to their celebrity friends.

Q: Dude! Can you get Chris Gorham to follow me or have Holly Marie Combs wish my cousin a Happy Birthday?

A: I get questions like this every day. Unfortunately unless you are my best friend, my Mommy or Barack Obama, I can't really help you out. If I sent Holly Marie Combs a message for every birthday wish or follow request, I would be spamming that poor woman with countless messages every day. She is a sweetheart and I'd feel rotten doing it.....and she'd probably not like me so much. lol....So what can you do? Tweet them politely every day, but not too much. Celebs like Holly or Chris are fantastic with their fans. They respond to a boatload of tweets and are very kind. Some of my favorite celebs have never responded to me, it happens. Good luck! :)

Q: Dude! How come people don't comment on your site?

A: People tend to respond to me via Twitter or Facebook. But I'd love for you to comment on the site itself. The site gets thousands of hits a day, leaving a quick comment on Geno's World will be very much appreciated in addition to the Twitter & Facebook comments.

Q: Dude! Why do you RT Alyssa Milano so much on Twitter and always post about her?

A: Alyssa has been very very kind to me. Geno's World's success is due in a large part to her support of my site and being kind to spread the word. I'm a lifelong fan. She's gorgeous, kind and a blast to watch on TV & on the big screen. Her work with charity is unmatched and she's an inspiration. I'll always be a big fan of hers & I love her and her friendship. She's a good egg. :)

As always, thanks for visiting Geno's World. I love you guys and I appreciate everything you've done for me and the site!!
More will be added to this list as time goes on.......

Q: Dude! Charities? What are you trying to be a saint?

A: I'm far from perfect. I'm just trying to use Geno's World for good. The site gets a lot of hits daily & it would be great if I could use those hits and make a small difference. It makes me feel good. Will it make the site more popular? That's up to you. Spread the word that this is a friendly, positive site. Geno's World isn't perfect, but I try not to be nasty. Am I a wimp? As Mel Gibson said, you can...... :) Thanks for reading.