I love you Peter Gabriel. Now please don't be a douche.

Peter Gabriel is one of my favorite artists. He is the man, plain and simple. His work with Genesis in the 70s was magic. The man is talent personified. Genesis is getting inducted into the Rock N' roll Hall of Fame this month and Gabriel....is busy in rehearsals. Come on my friend. Millions of fans have been waiting for a reunion. Ya, we had 1 show in '82, the "Carpet Crawlers 99" single & the "new" vocals to the box set....but please... this is one huge night in front of the world. Jump up on stage with your old pals and sing a couple of songs. Too busy with rehearsals???? ONE NIGHT!!!! HISTORY!!!! Do it for your fans, do it for your friends, do it for yourself. You know, it will make you feel like that young crazy loon again! I love you man.