Video: Playboy Lingerie party featured a lot of booty shaking, cleavage and stimulating conversation.

Geno's World called worse than Perez Hilton!

Video: Couple go to prom dressed in duct tape outfits!

Video: Lindsay Lohan jumps on stage to sing Britney Spears' "Womanizer" with Lily Allen. Lily doesn't seem to like the idea!

Video: Spencer Pratt flirts with a sexy bartender in "The Hills" sneak peek.

Video: Sexy woman prepares for tanning and...... just watch, you won't guess what happens next.

Video: Kim Kardashian poses with her car in a sexy tight dress! Heidi Klum wows the paparazzi.

Video: John Noble talks about what to expect when "Fringe" returns next week!

Video: Seth Rogen talks about "Observe and Report" and dating Hugh Hefner.

Video: Woman charged with trying to get her 13 year old daughter drunk to have her willing to be impregnated by the Mom's boyfriend. WHAT???

Video: Red Band trailer for Sasha Baron Cohen's "Bruno"!

Lindsay Lohan responds to rumors about her Red Bull diet.

Video: Funeral home under criminal investigation for cutting dead man's legs to fit casket.

Video: Cutie Anna Ferris signs autographs for fans.

Video: Viewers call in to say whether they would watch an "Octomom" reality show.

New trailer for "The Taking of Pelham 123" starring Denzel Washington and John Travolta.

Video: Shawn Johnson's stalker tells police his plans, days before his arrest. Scary!

Video: Porno movie to play at UMD college campus theater.

Video of Jessica Biel practicing her sexy and hot stripper moves for her new film "Powder Blue"!

Man leaves apology note next to man that he killed with his car.

Video: Behind the scenes of a sexy Victoria Secret photo shoot with Doutzen Kroes.

Video: Man talks to the media after spear removed from his head.

Video: Kim Raver wows the paparazzi with her beauty.

Video: John Mayer talks about making out with a man.

Video: April Fools pranksters wrap cars in shrink wrap!

Dumbest question ever: Is American Idol's Adam Lambert marketable? Um.....yes.

Video: Megan Fox on the town with her new sexy curly hair!

Video: Panel discusses the latest Oprah Winfrey sex scandal at her school.

Bad Company to tour with the Doobie Brothers this summer!

Video: Heidi Klum works at a Pizza place and Jessica Simpson works at a computer store for April Fools CBS show.

Video: Man catches on fire at gas station.

Video: Michelle Rodriguez is a sweetheart with her fans outside of Jimmy Kimmel.

"Law & Order SVU" becomes the first TV show to film at the U.N.

Video: Rosie O'Donnell tells Martha Stewart that Dr. Phil is exlploiting the Octomom. Martha says she doesn't care!

Video: Moron robs cop at gunpoint in hotel where 300 police officers were attending police seminar!

Howard Stern tells the media to stop giving Madonna a hard time for trying to adopt a second child. "What the f**k is the problem?"

Video: Why do men go to Britney Spears concerts?

Video: Rachel McAdams talks about "State of Play" and getting cold and dirty for "Sherlock Holmes".

Video: Fifteen hospital workers fired for looking at Octomom's medical records.

Hayden Panettiere says she has a fat face and big arms.

Video: Jessica Biel gets angry with the paparazzi on the street.

Man beheads 5 year old girl in front of Police.

Video: Chelsea Handler mocks Carnie Wilson and Hal Sparks appearing on 101 reality shows.

Video: Madonna tours Malawi day care center.

Audio of a Britney Spears phone call. Britney says her father is threatening to take her kids away.

Video: Oprah visits polygamists camp.

Video: 40 foot lobster gets new home.

Gisele Bundchen's sexy new photos will melt your screen!

Video: Woman uses Facebook to find crook who broke into her husband's car.

Video: Steve-O talks glowingly about "Dancing with the Stars".

Video: Zac Efron talks about his dream duets with Usher in his car!

Video: Australia residents kill thousands of toads in a bizarre happy family event. WTF

Video: Slash teaches kids about the guitar for "Little Kids Rock". He plays "Sweet Child O' Mine" with the kids!

Joe Biden's daughter Ashley Biden allegedly snorts cocaine in video being shopped to the media!

Video: Miley Cyrus signs autographs for screaming fans at the Kids' Choice Awards.