Genesis' "Follow You Follow Me" to climb the charts again due to Twitter!

Video: Russell Brand gets interviewed in an elevator.

Video: "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh" trailer starring sexy Sienna Miller.

Video: Behind the scenes of the "Hannah Montana" movie with Miley Cyrus.

Khloe Kardashian tells Senator to suck an egg over his dislike for Barbie.

Video: "Deadwood" star Ian McShane talks about his new "Kings" series and the "David and Goliath" connection.

Video: Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham talk about discussions of Sheryl Crow joining Fleetwood Mac.

Video: AnnaLynne McCord wears a neck brace after car crash plus "Dancing with the Stars" injury updates.

Video: Jennifer Love Hewitt films "Ghost Whisperer" with prosthetic pregnant belly.

Video: Mischa Barton talks about her new Ashton Kutcher TV pilot.

Jamie Kennedy admits he's dating Jennifer Love Hewitt and he's in love!

Video: Slow motion ice cream fight. Why? Why not.

Video: Sneak peek of George Clooney's return to "ER"!

Video: "Radiohead" member Ed O'Brien talks about how the band is always ahead of the times!

Night Ranger's Jack Blades says that Damn Yankees may reunite! Ted Nugent, Tommy Shaw and Styx fans rejoice!

Lily Allen attacks the paparazzi.

Grammy winning Gospel singer Bebe Winans arrested for shoving his ex-wife.

Video: A day in the life of "American Idol" Adam Lambert's boyfriend "Cheeks"

Video: Anna Nicole Smith's lover Howard K. Stern and others face drug charges after filing fake prescriptions for Anna.

Video: Shannen Doherty says she's returning to 90210 for the season finale.

Video: Reese Witherspoon and Kiefer Sutherland talk about "Monsters vs. Aliens" at the London premiere.

Video: George Lopez talks about kidney disease and says he's rooting for Denise Richards on "Dancing with the Stars".

John Edwards takes morality question from College Student.

Scarlett Johansson to play "The Black Widow" in "Iron Man 2"!

Video: Joaquin Phoenix swears at a heckler and jumps off stage to attack him!

John Mayer dumped Jennifer Aniston for the 27th time. They may be back together as I'm typing this.

Video: Ricky Gervais talks to Elmo about drugs, child abuse, the holocaust and necrophilia in outrageous video outake from interview!

Video: "Octomom" gets police escort at Target.

Video: Hayden Panettiere is horrified and covers her face when being filmed at an airport.

Gisele Bundchen wants to have 3,900 kids with Tom Brady.

Chris Brown withdraws from The Kids' Choice Awards.

"The Hangover" trailer from the director of "Old School". Film stars Ed Helms and Bradley Cooper.

Chloe from "24", Mary Lynn Rajskub says her 7 month old son is already reading the dictionary. :)

Video: Tyra Banks talks to her guests about abuse in her own life.

Video: Adam Lambert wows the "American Idol" judges with "Black or White".

Video: Sexy Vanessa Hudgens filmed through a window doing pilates!

Video: Trailer for the X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE videogame.

Video: Diddy defends his friendship with Chris Brown to Ellen Degeneres.

Michael Lohan's boxing match opponent revealed!

American Idol producers scramble to "fix" phone number 13 which is a phone sex line!!

Howard Stern blasts Oprah Winfrey for taking $55 Million for her XM/Sirius channel and treating it like an "ugly stepchild"!

Alyssa Milano writres about her new ABC Pilot from "Family Guy" Ricky Blitt.

Video: Parents speak out at school meeting outraged at teacher who taped their first graders to their chairs!

Chris Brown and Rihanna are recording a duet. "Hit me baby one more time"?

Video: Lisa Kudrow still gets peppered with the "Friends" references.

Kelly Clarkson calls herself a monstrous platypus!

Video: "Dollhouse" creator Joss Whedon talks about his dark place.

Video: Drew Barrymore says she's one of the directors being considered for the third "Twilight" film

Video: Britney Spears says "My Pu$$y was hanging out!" on a live mic after wardrobe malfunction!

Video: Prison Poetry is the new rage.

"The Reader" starring Kate Winslet on DVD April 14!

Video: Annie Lennox talks about her new greatest hits album and looking back on her career.

Hayden Panettiere screams at female reporter "Don't you ever touch me!!"

Rihanna is back in the studio. Her producer says the track is "hot".

Video: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes arrive to a thrilled crowd at a Japanese airport. "We're going to enjoy the sushi." -Cruise Ugh....

Video: Preview of Kendra Wilkinson's new "Kendra" show. Drinking, Dogs almost drowning, crying and cleavage. Sounds like a hit!

Video: "Survivor" host Jeff Probst helps woman who has a seizure during his interview!

Publicists are lining up to be "Octomom" publicist number 3!

Video: Tori Spelling grabs her crotch and does the "Potty Dance" on Rachel Ray's show!

Video: 700 people apply for $15/hour janitorial job at Ohio school.

Video: Pam Anderson sports wings and tube socks in a bizzare fashion statement!!

Video: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson tickles Keenan Thompson and puts him in a headlock in amusing unaired promos.