Publicists are lining up to be "Octomom" publicist number 3!

"Octomom" may have gone through 2 publicists in no time, but that hasn't stopped potential publicists from lining up to take their place! Geno's World's publicist pro and friend Jim Strzalkowski tells us he'd love to take Nadya Suleman under his wing.

"I understand that things are pretty hectic over there! But hey, that's what my job is all about. I've dealt with some of the biggest divas in the business. The more hectic and crazy, the better sometimes. It's my job to take all that attention and energy and make it positive and productive. She really does need help and so do those children. I'm planning on reaching out to Nadya and offering her my services. I'm crazy enough myself to take the job!"

Well, there you are Nadya, if you want a capable publicist number 3 contact my friend Jim Strzalkowski at (310) 860-6205 E-mail:

They say any publicity is good publicity. But at this point, Octomom Nadya Suleman may be thinking any publicist is a good publicist. That's because she just had a second one quit on her, according to Us magazine.

Victor Munoz tells the mag's online outlet that he quit working for the Octuplet Mom Friday night, saying, "This woman is nuts...What ultimately destroyed the business arrangement was personal reasons."

He also says, "It just got to be too much. It's pretty much a free for all over there right now. They are freaking out right now."

The Octopulet mom's first publicist reportedly quit due to death threats, but Munoz apparently found the working environment to be be the real job killer.

"Not to sound arrogant, but those people depended on me for everything. You have no idea what I’ve had to do for these people."

We're guessing it's not the last controversy, or publicist, Octomom will go through.