Tony Danza says he's scared for his first day as a high school teacher.
Second row from the back, wedged in the middle of the long Edison High auditorium row, with the black briefcase stuffed full of paperwork - yo, new teacher!
How are you feeling about the first day of school?
Tony Danza - actor, soon-to-be reality TV star, and newly minted Northeast High English teacher - didn't hesitate.
"Scared," he said yesterday.
Sept. 8 is city students' first day of school, and that's really hitting Danza, who wore a gray suit, white shirt, and no tie to the Philadelphia School District's new-teacher orientation, which continues today.
"It takes a certain amount of hubris that you think you might be able to do this," said Danza, 58. But, he said, "I'm determined."
Danza and 800 other new teachers - most of the Philadelphia School District's bumper crop of about 1,000 new educators - crowded into Edison's auditorium and spilled over into the cafeteria.
Come the first day of school, district officials say, they expect few or no teacher vacancies - a shift from previous years, when vacancies remained in the triple digits months into the term.
Of the 1,000, most are state-certified. Fifty-three teachers are applying for emergency certification. Danza is not certified, but will share the classroom with a veteran teacher. It is not known what teaching duties Danza will take on...............

Back in the auditorium, Danza was paying close attention to keynote speaker Harry Wong, a teacher and author from California. He knows classroom management is paramount, Danza said.
And he's ready for his first day, said Danza, whose students are being cast from among the school's budding artists and actors.
"I've rehearsed it," said Danza of his first-day script. "I come from the school of preparing, anyway, as an actor."