Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Geno's World fan spotlight: Leah Cevoli from "Deadwood" and "Robot Chicken"!!

The word cool is thrown around a lot. But it's the one word that describes the latest woman in the Geno's World fan spotlight. Leah Cevoli appeared in many episodes of the acclaimed HBO series "Deadwood" and has done extensive voice over work for the fantastic "Robot Chicken" show. If that isn't enough, Leah is producing a horror film festival August 9th at which her "Body of Work" film will premiere. Leah both starred in and co-produced the project. All this AND Leah is a faithful Geno's World reader. How cool is that?

Leah wanted me to thank the Geno's World readers for checking her projects out and to pass along this message: "Catch a few of my characters in Robot Chicken's 2009 Xmas Special.
I'll be recording new character voices for Robot Chicken Season 5 this fall. I want everyone to check out http://www.robotchickenonwheels.com/ and join the cast n crew of Robot Chicken at a Roller Rink near you!"

Leah's Links:

The 1st Annual Carnival of Darkness short film festival will be held August 6th at The Majestic Crest Theater in Westwood, Ca.

Carnival of Darkness showcases the very best new work from independent horror filmmakers. This celebration of ‘creepy’ and original film shorts and music videos will culminate in a one hour panel discussion featuring top names in the horror world.

In addition to the live appearances, fans will be able to purchase exclusive comic books, t-shirts and DVD's relating to the horror genre at the venue.

Co-producers Alex Bram and Leah Cevoli have selected the historic landmark Crest Theater not only because of its state-of-the-art sound and projection equipment and large seating capacity (465 seats), but also because it exemplifies the indie spirit of the festival. The Crest is one of the last remaining independently owned and operated theaters in Los Angeles.

Visit the website carnivalofdarknessfestival.com for more infor and to order tickets.

Panel Speakers:Juliet Landau- Actor (Buffy/Angel),
Del Howison - Author/Actor (Owner of Dark Delicacies)
Jason C. Miller- Musician (Godhead),
Stephen Wozniak- Actor (Exorcism).

Panel Moderator: Leah Cevoli- Actor/Writer (Deadwood, Robot Chicken)

When: Thursday August 6th
Where: The Majestic Crest Theater 1262 Westwood Blvd 90024 Admission: $10
Doors: 8:00pm
Press Check In: 6:30Red Carpet: 7:00-8:00
This event is all ages, open to the public, general admission seating. RefreshmentsAvailable.

For More Info:
Alex Bram (Producer) bram@ladirector.com
Leah Cevoli (Producer/Host) leahanncevoli@yahoo.com


Geno said...
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Geno said...

My girlfriend may slap me, but Leah is a babe! :)

Leah said...

Thanks Geno! :)

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