Saturday, June 06, 2009

"Land of the Lost" pronounced the first bomb of the summer after dismal ticket sales.

$7 million in one day and declared a bomb.....I understand why, but man that's harsh....

E!: Land of the Lost debuted with an estimated $7 million Friday, prompting the box-office-tracking Exhibitor Relations to pronounce the $100 million Will Ferrell extravaganza "the first bomb of summer."
The new guy comedy The Hangover and the Pixar holdover Up stayed well clear of the wreckage, with each angling for a big $45 million weekend, Exhibitor Relations said. The Hangover was Friday's No. 1 movie, grossing an estimated $16.5 million.
A Ferrell-esque $30 million opening had been expected of Land of the Lost, the redo of the dinosaur-driven 1970s kids' series.
Had been.

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you suck.

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