Saturday, June 20, 2009

Big Mama Capretta is mobbed by fans as his fame explodes! Inside Edition, Entertainment Tonight and CBS to run features next week!

Dance diva Big Mama Capretta aka Catholic priest Father Anthony was interviewed today by CBS News and local TV crews today in Columbus, OH, appropriately during the city's Gay Pride Weekend. Capretta took the stage at Columbus Pride and addressed thousands of cheering fans, spectators and press. He was taken in by a frenzy of fans and media all vying for his autograph and photo. Due to the nature of Big Mama Capretta's rise to fame, he is now accompanied by two security body guards at all times.

The story is now international with coverage in Europe and South America.Big Mama Capretta / Father Anthony will be profiled on The Insider, E.T. and CBS News on Mon. and Tues. Father Anthony does infact admit he is a baptized Roman Catholic and a real ordained Catholic priest despite opposition reporting.Genos World has learned exclusively that Big Mama Capretta is headed to Los Angeles later this week for media interviews and to attend Lauren Hildebrandt's CD Release party on Thursday night at Les Deux in Hollywood.

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Anonymous said...

Geno, you ought to check your facts. Capretta is not a Roman Catholic priest. I doubt the dude has even been to seminary though he was "ordained" in one of the many schismatic "Old Catholic" sects. These are not affiliated with Rome. His use of "OFM" after his name on his "church" Web site is particularly misleading. He wants people to believe he is a Franciscan but he's not.

If you want to do a little more checking, you might go to The Columbus Dispatch or The Plain Dealer and find out that back when he was living in Cleveland as "Brother Anthony" in the 1980s, Capretta perpetrated one of the most notorious mail frauds in history, netting over $200,000 from victims who thought they were contributing to help the poor and hungry. He did 3 years in the federal pen for that one.

His current "church" is only accessible to members (it says so on the "church" Web site). Have you ever heard of a real Catholic Church that restricts its Sunday services to "members only"?? Beyond that there is no evidence that the "church" offers any of the other usual sacramental services such as weddings, baptisms, etc...

You can't even find the man's ordination date in any of his bios although you can find photos of when he was ordained a deacon in 2002. According to the Dispatch, he was "ordained" a priest in September 2004. Even his supposed ordaining bishop doesn't have that information on his Web page although Dagmar Celeste theoretically attended the ordination so I guess we have a witness.

Still want to promote this guy?

A concerned pro-gay Catholic

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