Thursday, May 14, 2009

Exclusive: Adam Lambert's friend and former boyfriend "Cheeks" turns down Star Magazine's offer for revealing interview!

Adam Lambert mania has swept the globe! The talented and charismatic Lambert's run on "American Idol" has created a buzz unseen in the show's history. Everyone wants a piece of Adam, or someone close to him to reveal his background story. As revealed on Geno's World exclusively on 3/4/09 , the man pictured kissing Adam Lambert in the photos that swept the Internet is "Cheeks", a rising music star in his own right. A loyal friend, "Cheeks" has turned down interviews and money making opportunities to reveal stories about his relationship with Lambert. "Cheeks" has repeatedly told friends of "Geno's World" that he does not want to interfere with Adam's race to the finals on Idol. He is content to stay in the background and root his friend on quietly.

Today, word came to Geno's World that "Cheeks" was offered a measly $2,000 and promotion for his projects from Star magazine to "tell all" about his relationship with Adam. A source close to "Cheeks" told me "2 Grand? Please! "Cheeks" has turned down offers that have dwarfed that one to talk about Adam. The only way he'd ever open up is to do so in a friendly and safe environment. The price would have to be out of this world and with the understanding that "Cheeks" would never ever say anything disrespectful or mean about Adam" Good for "Cheeks"! It's good to know that someone has integrity out there!

"Cheeks" official myspace page:

Geno's World 3/4/09:
EXCLUSIVE: American Idol's Adam Lambert's boyfriend is....."Cheeks", a music star called the boy Madonna!!


Anonymous said...

I think the impression you give with your wording here is a bit scurrilous, don't you? You make it sound like he's just waiting for a bigger offer. I don't think Brad would sell his and Adam's secrets and memories for any amount of money. There's a nasty implication there, that I hope you didn't intend.

Geno said...

That wasn't my intent at all. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. :)

Anonymous said...

I call bullshit. And so will others.

Geno said...

You need the clarify that last comment. If you are the first commenter, please re-read the post. I paint both Adam and Brad in a fantastic light. They both are great, talented and loyal guys. If yiou are talking about the validity of the story, I can assure you that it is true. In any case, vote for Adam!

Meezy said...

Brad is such a caring guy and it's wonderful to know he wouldn't sell Adam out. He supports Adam and isn't willing to fuck up his chances, even if Adam didn't win. I support Brad's decision.

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