Are nude photos of Jennifer Lopez, Jamie Foxx and Christina Millian going to be leaked next????

I've still got my fingers crossed for a Jennifer Love Hewitt leak......please?.......

MissInfo: .....But here’s what I’ve heard (read: know)…..these leaks are definitely not the jealous work of Ryan Leslie, or Chris Brown. And the leaks are not over. These photos are not new. Pre-2009. There may more photos of Rihanna and Chris, photos of Cassie (not alone either) and…. photos of a woman who is no longer on the market but was once the biggest sex symbol in music/film/fashion…and photos of a popular actor-turned-singer who likes to hobnob with Opie….and photos of a new blonde.
Wait…the last time I tried to write in riddles, some folks got mad, lol…so…how’s this: I heard photos of Jennifer Lopez, Jamie Foxx, and Christina Millian may leak too.