Khloe Kardashian tells Senator to suck an egg over his dislike for Barbie.

Fox: Last week West Virginia state lawmaker Jeff Eldridge proposed a bill to legally ban Barbie (and other dolls that promote beauty) from the sales shelves across the state as he believes the busty blonde sends young children the damaging message that looks are everything. Well, the controversial Kardashian sisters had quite a message for him in return when we caught up with them at Barbie’s 50th Birthday Party in her Malibu Dream House on Monday.
"He can suck an egg, seriously. He's probably butt-ugly and always wanted a girlfriend that looked like Barbie but could never get one. People like that really annoy me," Khloe Kardashian said, with her sis Kourtney adding that it was "so ridiculous."
"She’s been around 50 years and girls love her. Its fun, it’s a doll — get over it people," Kourtney added.