Jessica Simpson gets booed after forgetting lyrics to two songs at her concert!

This was the last show on her tour and she forgot the words? Sad............
OC Register:
Opener Jessica Simpson, on the other hand, was forgettable at best. Simpson's fame is far more reaching than her talent deserves.
The blonde no-longer-a-teen idol looked as attractive as ever in her cutoff shorts and high, high heels, yet the outfit could hardly be called revealing. (And no, she wasn't fat, despite tabloid rumors and one unflattering picture to the contrary. So let's just drop that conversation once and for all.)
As for the singing, Simpson left a lot to be desired. Her vocals aren't bad, exactly, but her typically soft, breathy delivery was strained in such a large outdoor venue.
The 40-minute set lacked energy, and Simpson seemed uncomfortable moving on stage (a challenge, for sure, in those big heels). The performance wasn't helped when Simpson screwed up the lyrics not once but twice during her set: her first mistake on "Remember That" could have been forgiven, but the crowd booed when she messed up again. In fact, Simpson seemed to do better on her two covers – "These Boots Are Made For Walking" and "Angels" by Robbie Williams – than on her own new material.