Video: Robert Downey Jr. says that "Iron Man 2" will be far out! Downey says he's excited at the possibilty of Mickey Rourke starring in the film.

I can't wait......
To fanboys around the world, Robert Downey Jr. has reached a status that very few actors manage to attain: becoming synonymous with a superhero. As Christopher Reeve was to the role of Superman, or the late Heath Ledger is to the Joker, when geeks think "Iron Man" these days, the image of Downey's Tony Stark immediately comes to mind.

Yet Downey seems to take that recognition to a whole new level, acting as a one-man cheerleading squad for the franchise he's clearly proud to be part of. Whether he's vocally leading the charge toward the insanely anticipated "Avengers" film or calling out DC Comics' "The Dark Knight," it's clear Downey has a love for ol' Shellhead, and fans have reacted in a big way.

So in an exclusive sit-down with MTV News while on the New York set of "Sherlock Holmes," Downey was more than happy to drop hints on what fans can expect from the upcoming sequel to the surprise summer blockbuster of 2008.

"It's one thing to say you're Iron Man; it's another to hold that responsibility," said Downey, explaining the premise of the sequel. "If that sounds like a familiar theme, trust me, it's not. This film is three times more fun and strange. We're going real far out this time. It's going to be good. I wouldn't lie to you."

Meanwhile, with rumors of possible villains making the rounds on the Internet, Downey rather cryptically squashed the online scuttlebutt about there possibly being too many villains in the sequel.

"We're not doing that," he said. "The enemy comes from within."

He did, however, seem enthusiastic about the potential involvement of Mickey Rourke.

"If he's signed on to do it, I'm super-excited," Downey said. "If he's in 'Iron Man 2,' we have a fantastic shot at doing something interesting again."