Vanity Fair digitally retouches an old Heath Ledger photo. Controversy begins.......NOW!!

I think Vanity Fair knows exactly what they are doing....Controversy=sales.
Vanity Fair is known for its provocative photographs. Last year, Miley's "backless" photo lit a firestorm of controversy that's still burning in Search. Now the magazine is back in the buzz after recycling a few well-worn pics for its most recent issue. In the mag's March issue, famed photographer Annie Leibovitz snapped shots of acclaimed actors and their directors. Kate Winslet and hubbie Sam Mendes, who teamed up for "Revolutionary Road," strike a pose. There's Sean Penn and Gus Van Sant, who worked together on "Milk." And, oddly, there's Heath Ledger and Christopher Nolan of "The Dark Knight." Of course, Mr. Ledger died more than a year ago, so one may be inclined to ask where the photo came from.
The answer: 2005. The shot of Ledger was apparently taken while he was promoting "Brokeback Mountain." Editors digitally added Mr. Nolan and voilá. Some might say the digital redux is in questionable taste, but magazine reps insist they took great care and worked "with permission." We're a little fuzzy as to who, exactly, gave the OK. A Ouija board, perhaps?
Less controversial but still bizarre was Vanity Fair's cover shot of President Obama from the same March issue. The photo was originally taken back in 2007 and was actually on the cover for a special issue on Africa. We're not sure why Vanity Fair recycled, but we assume the leader of the free world was just too darn busy to come in and pose. Interestingly, unlike the Ledger photo with a second added subject, Obama's photo redux digitally removed actor Don Cheadle. Don't take it personally, Don. It's just show business