Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Supernanny" crushes "Dollhouse" in the ratings. Good Lord.

I watched "Dolhouse" and enjoyed it. I hope Fox gives it a chance........
Expectations were low.

But they weren't quite this low.

The series premiere of Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse" was seen by 4.7 million viewers Friday night and garnered a 2.0 preliminary adults 18-49 rating and 6 share. It was beaten in the 9 p.m. hour by ABC's "Supernanny" (6.1 million viewers, 2.2/7) and is the lowest-rated scripted series premiere on a major broadcast network this season aside from NBC's now-defunct "Crusoe."

"Dollhouse" was paired with the midseason return of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" (3.7 million, 1.3/5), which was shifted from its previous Monday post. "Terminator" came in third place in the hour and hit a series low (by like 27%). "Terminator" beat NBC's "Howie Do It" (3.9 million, 1.2/4), but not by much. Both "Ghost Whisperer" (10.3 million, 2.4/8) and "Wife Swap" (4.3 million, 1.5/5) did better.

The performances represent a disappointing debut for what was, on paper, a good idea: creating a male-skewing sci-fi block to go against CBS' night-topping female-skewing crime shows. Fox didn't expect to win against CBS, but had some hope of coming out ahead of ABC's reality shows. But "Terminator" was sinking in the ratings earlier this season and "Dollhouse" has suffered from negative buzz and creative trouble for months. Critics, overall, seemed disappointed with Whedon's latest effort.


Jeremy said...

It's because the morons who watch those reality shows are the morons who are still tied to their TV sets.

The people interested in sci-fi watch digital formats.

Note to Fox: we also buy a shitload of DVD boxsets.

Josh said...

This might not have happened if they didn't muck with their Monday nights. Terminator worked well on Mondays, and would have been a better lead in for Dollhouse. I keep forgetting House is on Monday nights now, so I end up watching it on Hulu.

Mousey H said...

Seriously fox don't realize and take into account all the TiVo and DVR viewings and iTunes and Hulu Hits They need to take into account this shows huge possibilty that this can go big seriously FOX keep dollhouse

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