Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer are together just for hot sex and photo-ops. Marriage is not in their future.

Wake up call for Jen Aniston - self absorbed John Mayer really not into you, babe.The emo rocker, 30, who was spied on a biz date with a blonde before joining Jen, 39, at a private Super Bowl bash in California is just "too busy" for his marriage minded GF, pals say."John's goal is to keep a low profile this year, and Jen is about as far off from low-profile as you can get," a source revealed.John-Boy's working on an album and hustling a TV variety sketch program starring himself not unlike his former VH1 vanity program John Mayer Has a TV Show - not to be confused with his ongoing love affair with video wielding paps.As The ENQUIRER reported last week at the crux of their wintry discontent is Jen's insistence on a pre-nup. The Friends beauty makes way more money than John-John and wants to keep it that way if there's ever a trip down the aisle. And Jen's pretty disgusted with John's seeming manipulative photo-op posing."He keeps her in limbo," the insider divulged. "She and John see each other and sleep with each other, but are they getting ready to walk down the aisle? No."Jen needs to move on and there are plenty of guys outside the industry who'd really be into her.