Former Journey singer Steve Augeri says he was warned about Jonathan Cain and Neal Schon from the beginning!

He seems like a great guy........

On working with Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain: "John Kalodner once said, in fact the week that I was asked to join Journey, he had some of the wisest words he'd ever mentioned to me, or that I had ever heard personally. A few of them were, "when you work with Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain, be smart enough to keep your eyes and your ears open."

On replacing Steve Perry: "It just so happened that I was the lucky one. I won the Journey lottery back in 1998. I was absolutely plucked from obscurity and I was absolutely more than willing. I mean, God! They took me from the Gap stores! I was swinging a hammer at a Gap store. And it was a great ride! I'm proud of the time that I spent with the band. I think they, I know that they are well aware that we did it together. And frankly, unfortunately for me, I couldn't continue on. My health—I couldn't make it. The whole journey."

On new Journey vocalist Arnel Pineda: "I think Arnel does it so well. As I said, it's remarkable when I listen to him. I'm looking at myself as an out of body experience, thinking about myself when I first joined them in '98 and thinking, you know what, this is This man's big shot and his big chance and that was YOU. How great was it for you and so be happy for him. Quite frankly, that's exactly how I feel. I pray that Arnel takes really good care of himself and I pray that the band looks after him, because after several vocalists down the line, you gotta get wise and just say, "Hey, listen - that's your guy. Take good care of him because we want him to last a few extra -a few more years, than the last 2 did. And I'm sure they will."