Alyssa Milano talks about walking through an active mine field in Angola!

Aren't child stars supposed to become drug addicts and homeless? What happened to Alyssa?
What countries have you visited as an Ambassador? Is there one encounter that had a strong impact?
I have traveled to Angola and India as a UNICEF Ambassador. In Angola, there was one moment that I will never forget. I was walking through an active minefield with The Halo Trust, on the small path that was deemed “safe” and marked by small stakes in the ground. This tiny pathway was just inches away from the area deemed “unsafe” and I could hear children laughing and playing. They were so close by. Imagine if your child’s playground was only yards away from a landmine. No weapon should outlast a war. In Angola there is one landmine for every child. I went to India six months after the tsunami. I toured villages that were devastated by the tsunami. I was so inspired by the utter hope these people had. I realized that the human spirit has the great capacity to prevail