Al Roker tells Howard Stern he did not masturbate to Katie Couric at his Doctor's office, but wishes he knew of Sarah Palin at that time!

Al Roker was a guest on Howard Stern's show this morning. The topics included his salary and his weight. But when the subject turned to Al's kids, it became VERY interesting! Al shared openly about how he masturbated at a Doctors office to have his sperm checked. Al said that he did not use the pornography that was available at the office because he was afraid to touch it! Howard asked Al if he was afraid someone was secretly filming and Al said he wasn't....until now! So if he didn't use pornography, he used his imagination? Yes indeed. What was inspiration? Katie Couric? Al said no. Ann Curry? Al said no. Sarah Palin? Al said no, but wished he knew of her at the time and he would have!