Which "Heroes" star wants off the show???

Lots of folks at the E! site are guessing Ali Larter.............

E!: Looks like T.R. Knight may be setting a trend.
Sources close to Heroes tell me that one of the show's stars has asked to leave the show at the end of the current season, in part because of a lack of screen time.
According to insiders, NBC has not yet decided whether this actor will be released from his or her contract; however, there is an apparent "death" planned for this season (somewhere in the last few episodes) that could wipe out this character for good.
So who is it?
Well, we can't reveal the actor's name (which is why this is a blind riddle—sorry!) but I can tell you:
It's a series regular who's been on since season one.
Some of you fans would freak if this actor were to leave.
This particular Hero-ic soul has more name recognition than others in the cast.
According to Peacock-net insiders, NBC is not likely to release this actor. (See number three.)
If this actor does return for season four, there's an easy way to bring him or her back from the planned "death."