Richard Gere calls China destructive and President Bush an alien!

He seems shy.......

Fox: Richard Gere received the prestigious Joel Siegel Humanitarian honor at the Critics Choice Awards, and the "Pretty Woman" star was certainly eager to express (even more) political opinions backstage.
"The Chinese want to be successful," he said, in reference to the country's current crisis with Tibet. "But their system is faulty and destructive to their future."
As for his thoughts on our next president and first lady...
"I think Michelle (Obama) is bright and engaged and real," Gere said. "It's astonishing; we actually elected two real people after eight years of aliens."
Mind you, Gere won’t be attending the upcoming inauguration due to a "fear of crowds".
And while most stars are chuffed just to be invited to star-studded awards shows, Richard made his feelings about the whole season quite clear.
"I'd rather not go to them (awards shows)," he admitted, adding that he's never been "into" Hollywood things and people.