Parents group gets ready to protest Kelly Clarkson's "Obscene" new single artwork!

O.k., first off I think it's actually a sharp picture. I'm not a Kelly fan, but I think this is great marketing.....Geno's World was contacted by a concerned (Possibly insane) leader of a parents group who feels that Kelly's new "direction" is a bit obscene.

"My girls are long time Kelly Clarkson fans and as a Christian family, I have always supported their love for Kelly because of her wholesome image. Unfortunately, her new CD photo shows Kelly in a sexually suggestive oral situation with a lollipop. The picture is even made more perverse by sparkles on the lollipop which resemble semen. I plan to rally my fellow Christian Mothers and get Kelly back to her wholesome ways!"

Somehow, I don't think Kelly has too much to worry about. This lady's e-mail to me went on for several pages talking about everything from cruelty to animals to the dangers of detergent..........
Maybe this lady should join Kelly's official fan club: