LFO frontman Rich Cronin talks about how Jennifer Love Hewitt's cheating with seven different guys ended their relationship!

It was a fantastic interview. I look at Jennifer Love a bit differently now.........
Former LFO frontman Rich Cronin opened up about his past relationship with actress Jennifer Love Hewitt on Howard Stern's Sirius radio show Wednesday.
"She gave me a ring," he said about his ex, who bought him an Infinity Ring from Cartier in Beverly Hills, California. "She goes, 'Listen, I want to marry you. We're going to be together forever."
During their two-year long relationship, however, Cronin revealed that she cheated on him and even used the same line on other guys -- including Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees.
"Jeff goes, 'Hey, you and me have something in common... Jennifer Love Hewitt,"" recalled Cronin, who said Timmons received the same Cartier ring. "I had always asked her about that. 'Did you ever get with this guy?' [And she was like,] 'No, no, no.' So when that happened, I was lost. This was two years ago. It was rough, man."
Cronin -- who grew to fame in the late '90s thanks to his boy band's hit, "Summer Girls" -- first met Hewitt at the Blockbuster Awards more than eight years ago.
"We had the same publicist, so I started to talk to her and I couldn’t believe it -- she kept talking to me and talking to me," he said. "She was actually interested. Later on that night, she gave me her number. I was floored.
"I was so anxious about calling her. I actually got a notebook and wrote down all these subjects, like, 'Okay, so when there is a quiet point, I’ll talk about this.' I actually called her up and she answered the phone and we talked for like two hours."
A few months later, they went on their first date to Universal Studios.
"[LFO] didn’t have any hit record [at the time] -- I was nothing and she was spending all this time with me and wanted to hang out with me, and I was like, 'What the hell!'" Cronin said. "I didn’t understand it, but I loved it."
Hewitt asked him to stay the night, but Cronin refused.
"I was trying to play it cool. She lived with her mother. I was freaking out so bad."
As for when they finally did sleep together?
"She looked great [naked]," Cronin said. "I couldn’t believe it was happening. I have nothing bad to say about her."
But, their romance came to an end when Cronin opened up a copy of Us Weekly.
"She was in New York doing a movie, and I get a phone call from someone at my record company. They go, 'Rich, get Us Weekly. It just came out," Cronin said. "[I'm thinking] maybe there is something cool about me.
"No, it was a f--cking thing about Jennifer Love Hewitt in New York City... with seven guys."
Hewitt dumped Cronin shortly after.
"I was on the bed having a panic attack, so I called her up and was like, 'Do you have something to say to me?' I was the girl in this relationship.
"And she goes, 'Listen, don’t you f--king call me up like this when I am at work. If you believe that bulls--t, shame on you.' She hung up."
Hewittt -- who recently called off her wedding with fiance Ross McCall (read the story in thecurrent issue of Us Weekly, on stands now) -- called Cronin three days later to end it.
"She goes, "I am out of this relationship. Goodbye, I have to go do The Tonight Show' and hung up the phone," he said. "And that was it."
Still, when Stern asked if he would have married her, Cronin said, "In a second.
"But whatever, she is a great girl. She is just out there doing her thing."