Kelly Clarkson's new single "My Life Would Suck Without You" is dying on itunes. Christian protest group claims victory.

#60 isn't a disaster.....but boy it sure is a disappointment for Team Kelly. Maybe all those Christian protesters scared people away? They seem to think so.

"Clearly this a victory for good Christian folk who care about what their children are listening to. We are praying daily for Kelly to abandon her trampy image and go back to the wholesome Kelly that we can be proud to have our children listen to. We will not rest until we can eliminate Kelly's obscene song and its semen cover from the sales charts."

I have to admit. I love it when this crazy Betty e-mails me. It makes me laugh. I can only guess what this lady looks like. The picture above is my best guess.

In any case, watch Kelly's single progress at:

UPDATE:: The tune has hit NUMBER 1 on itunes! I can't wait to listen to Betty's reaction! Congrats Kelly.