Escort agency Madam says Angelina Jolie and Katie Holmes would make big bucks as hookers! Sarah Palin? She should stick to her day job.

I have a sneaky suspicion that the pair will pass..........

Angelina Jolie and Katie Holmes would earn big bucks as prostitutes, according to an escort agency boss.
The Hollywood pair - who currently earn their living as actresses - are said to have the 'talent' and appeal that clients would look for.
Kristin Davis - boss of Wicked Models and not to be confused with the star of Sex & The City - tells US mag Steppin’ Out, “Katie would be very popular because she has that all-American college girl look.“I could probably get £2,500 an hour for Katie. Maybe even £3,000. I could max out on her.”
But the top-earner would apparently be Angelina, “Angelina would be my top girl. I call it my No 1. “I would put Angelina at £2,000 an hour. But you couldn’t get her unless you booked her for four hours.”
Kristin said that the newly-reformed Britney would also prove to be profitable but former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin would barely make £300 an hour.