Amy Winehouse saves woman from drowning!

A truly amazing human being that Amy Winehouse...........
While recovering from drug addiction on St. Lucia, Amy Winehouse has managed to save a drowning woman from a fate worse than death. Ok, just death.According to The Sun, the Brit singer was on a beach in St. Lucia when she spotted Louise Williams being hurled out of a boat during a sailing lesson."A six-foot wave caught the boat and I went flying and hit a rock," Williams said. "Amy was on the beach 20 meters away and she ran across immediately and said, 'Let's have a look at you.'"
Williams says she would have been swept away by the tide if Winehouse hadn't come to her assistance."I was bowled over by her kindness. She went out of her way to help me...It shows there's another side to her."When asked about the incident, Winehouse said, "I thought she was going to drown."