Video: "Lipstick Jungle" and "24" star, Kim Raver wants your water!

Coldplay's new video: "Violet Hill"!

Megan Fox loves Pez, tight jeans and kissing the girls!!

Oh......... you mean the book.........
Faded Youth:
Megan on her favourite designer item: “I love Ulla Johnson shorts — I probably have about 30 pairs. And my Christian Louboutin giant wedges from two seasons ago.”
Megan on her favourite look for a night out: “Super, super tight jeans — the tightest I can find. The J Brand skinny-leg jeans are the best. I wear them with a high wedge heel and a V-neck T-shirt.”
Megan on her favourite candy: “PEZ. I have, like, 30 different dispensers.”
Megan on her favourite all-time beauty product: “N.Y.C. black eyeliner. It’s amazing.”
Megan on her favourite song on her i-Pod: “House of the Rising by The Animals.”
Megan on her favourite book: “Kiss the Girls by James Patterson.”

Video: John McCain appears on Saturday Night Live.

Very funny stuff! Give the writers another raise...........

Scarlett Johansson's crazy makeup demands keep her away from Cannes film premiere!

Scarlett Johansson was left at home in New York after a film studio refused to pay for the star's bloated demands to attend the Cannes Film Festival to launch Woody Allen's latest movie...........The French branch of Warner Brothers Films, distributers of Vicky Cristina Barcelona in France, had spent weeks negotiating with Johansson's representatives about flying her to Cannes.
They were willing, and happy, to pay for flights, hotel, provide a limousine, arrange for designers to show her gowns and for her to share hair and make-up designers with Cruz and Hall.
However, Johansson demanded her own exclusive make-up consultant at a cost of 5,000 Euros a day, which was felt a tad too much for a four day trip where looking after the star's tresses and powdering her nose would cost a total of 20,000 Euros.
Then there was the problem over an hotel.
The film's director and his leading ladies were delighted to be staying in the centre of Cannes to make it easier for them to attend screenings, public events and to do interviews for TV and press.
Johansson wanted to be at an hotel way out in the sticks, some 25 to 30 miles away

"My Name Is Earl" star Jamie Pressly will be on birth control for a while.

Star Pulse:
Actress Jaime Pressly is holding off on extending her family - because she doesn't want to make her one-year-old son jealous with new siblings. The My Name Is Earl star celebrated Mother's Day the same day as her son Dezi's first birthday.
And the double celebration has made the 30-year-old - who is engaged to DJ Eric Calvo - re-consider her plans for more children.
She tells OK! magazine, "I want to give Dezi as much attention as possible and solidify our relationship. I want him to know… that we love him."

"24" star Marisol Nichols is knocked up with a future Scientologist!

The biological clock is ticking for one of the stars of 24.
Marisol Nichols, who plays Special Agent Nadia Yasser on the Fox hit series, tells E! News exclusively that she is pregnant with her first child and due in late October.
The 34-year-old actress and her director husband, Taron Lexton, 25, have five names picked out for their baby girl, but Nichols says, "I'll know which one to call her when I meet her."
E! News caught up with the new-mom-to-be at the same Bally Total Fitness center in Los Angeles that is frequented by Britney Spears. As the fitness chain’s celebrity spokeswoman, the ├╝ber-toned Nichols is taking Pilates throughout pregnancy to help snap her body back in to shape after the baby is born. She hopes to return to work soon after giving birth.
Nichols and Lexton met last year when they were seated next to each other on a cruise.
"It was one of those love-at-first-sight things where we stayed up for two days talking about everything," Nichols says.
The couple, who are both members of the Church of Scientology, were married April 13 at the Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles.