OK magazine prints fishy Jennifer Aniston "Friends Movie" story.

This story just isn't true. Millions would love to see it, but it just isn't going to happen..........

JENNIFER Aniston is eager to release a Friends film as soon as possible.

The actress, who has previously been rumoured to be against making the movie, says she wants to "hurry it up" so she doesn't look too old on screen.

She said: "We know how much people want that, and we would of course do it if it’s right.

"But I say do it way before we get to be geriatric Friends… Let’s hurry it up!"

Fans have been calling for a feature-length version of the show since the final episode in 2004.

But producers were reportedly worried that Jennifer had simply become "too famous" to play her character Rachel Green.

A source previously said: "What's held back a Friends movie so far is that people were worried that Jennifer had simply become too famous to play Rachel again.

But the truth is that Jennifer is finally willing to do it, and she'd love to work with that whole team of actors and producers again."