Hugh Jackman's wife thinks Brad Pitt is sexier than her husband!

How funny. Sounds like they have a great relationship......

Hugh Jackman says his wife was shocked to find out her husband pipped Brad Pitt to the post in the sexy stakes.

The actor - who is currently starring in new Baz Lurhmann flick Australia alongside Nicole Kidman - was thrilled to be named Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine.

But Hugh jokes that wife Deb was less convinced by his win - because she expected hunky Brad to beat off the competition.

He tells Entertainmentwise, “She said, “so is it readers? Editors? Votes?”, and I said “well I think it’s the editors, there’s a think tank who get together and go through photos, and they decide.

"She replied “so anyone can get it...and Brad Pitt didn’t get it???”