Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Bee Girl from Blind Melon's "No Rain" video is all grown up!

No matter what Heather DeLoach does for the rest of her life — short of, say, becoming president — she will always be known as the "Bee Girl." Hell, maybe even if she becomes president. And that's just fine with her.
The name might not sound familiar, but if you've ever seen the classic 1993 video for Blind Melon's "No Rain," you know exactly who she is. DeLoach is the adorable, spectacle-wearing, chubby 10-year-old who tap-dances around in a bee costume to the derisive cackles of an unseen audience.
Feeling rejected, the Bee Girl runs off and lets her freak flag fly on the streets of Los Angeles in search of an adoring audience, finally finding her understanding bee kin in the midst of the rolling fields where Blind Melon are jamming out. As they raise her up to the sky in jubilant celebration at the end of the clip, DeLoach shakes her booty and holds up a blue banner in celebration.
Now, 15 years after shooting the video, DeLoach is all grown up, and like little Spencer Elden — the now-17-year-old naked baby from Nirvana's Nevermind cover — she's moving on with her life but finding it hard to shake that juvenile 15 minutes (OK, four and change) of fame.
"When people see my résumé, they're like, 'Really?' " DeLoach said. " 'You've grown to be such a beautiful woman!' Sometimes I don't always want to be known as the nerdy Bee Girl, but it changed my life, and I'm willing to be called that forever, until I'm old and gray. The Bee Girl is such a part of me ... I could never let it go."
Luckily for aspiring actress DeLoach, her indelible starring role in the video is the perfect calling card for the 25-year-old's chosen profession. Now living in Lake Forest, California, the recent Cal State Fullerton communications grad has used the "No Rain" clip to book appearances in movies such as "The Beautician and the Beast" with Fran Drescher and the remake of the Shirley Temple movie "A Little Princess," as well as gigs on "ER," "Reno 911" and in the movie "Balls of Fury."

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