Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Links! Cheech, Chong & a bra! Katie Holmes wears the same suit as Tom Cruise! Halle Berry talks about her orgasms. Raven Symone defends her eyebrows.

Brian May's video for "Driven By You".

Cheech and Chong and a bra. Ayyyy!

Katie Holmes in a Man Suit…Just Like Tom’s (Photos). Bitten & Bound

Halle Berry talks about her orgasms. Bumpshack

Ssshhh! Raven-Symoné Has Something to Say! Candy Kirby

Mila Kunis does Ocean Drive magazine. NewsToob


-> Ray said...

Best song for a car commercial ever.
Brian May's solo albums are great. I wish he had continued with the solo career instead of recreating Queen with Paul Rodgers. In fact, I'd rather have had Queen continue with Brian taking over lead vocals. Oh-well. Whatever works best for him, I guess.

Geno said...

I love this song! I do enjoy the Paul Rodgers/Queen stuff. Best of both worlds, so to speak. Rodgers has that "John Wetton vocal gift". Still powerful after decades of singing.

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