Tuesday, October 28, 2008

John Paul Jones says that Led Zeppelin is looking for a new lead singer to tour with.

Aaaaaaaack! This is just wrong on so many levels. Call it Page/Jones or something.............

After weeks of rumor and hearsay, Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones has all but confirmed the band will soon hit the road again. Unfortunately, the reunion this time won’t include Robert Plant. As Jones said to a Manson’s Guitar Show in England last weekend, Jimmy Page, Jason Bohnam and himself are all “itching” to hit the road after reuniting in London back in December 2007. However, Plant has been occupied with his tour with Alison Krauss. So while Plant hopes to reunite with his Led Zep bandmates “in a couple of years,” Jones said Led Zeppelin will instead go on tour with another vocalist in place. “As soon as we know who it is, we’ll let you know who it is,” Jones said of the new singer. This may all be just posturing in an attempt to force Plant’s hand to join them on tour, despite Plant’s claims that he won’t tour again “for at least the next two years.” In news that Led Zeppelin fans might enjoy more than the prospect of seeing the band with another singer, Jones also hinted that the band’s legendary reunion concert from London’s O2 Arena might eventually be released on DVD.

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