Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Yes replaces Jon Anderson with Tribute band singer????

No. No. No. Such a bad idea. Yes is legendary. This Benoit David sounds like Jon Anderson, but I'm a purist. For the love of God, Howe, Squire and White can certainly tour together and make music.....but don't slap the Yes tag on it............ Please!!!!

Melodic Rock: Prog rockers Yes (in the wake of Jon Anderson's illness and the subsequent cancellation of this summer's planned U.S. tour) have selected a tribute band singer to replace its iconic frontman. He's Benoit David from the Canadian Yes tribute band Close to the Edge (www.ctte.net). Details at: www.bondegezou.co.uk/wnyesm.htm. Here is Benoit David singing with Close to the Edge on YouTube..............


Isorski said...

Horrible, horrible idea. I just posted at http://isorski.blogspot.com/2008/09/yes-pulls-journey-goes-to-youtube-for.html.

Classic Rock Magazine is also reporting this.

Geno said...

Amen brother!

Mac said...

I have watched the YouTube vids of Mr. B. David and the CTTE tribute band, and while I applaude his efforts at covering the vocals in a Yes cover band, having this guy join the band for a tour “honoring the music of Yes” is an insult to all true Yes fans. Simply put, Yes does not exist without Jon. This is a cynical play by Squire, Howe and White, in a last ditch effort to keep the Yes fire burning. I am as big a fan of Yes as exists, but I wouldn’t go see the “In the Present” lineup if they were playing in my backyard and handing out $100 bills to all comers.

To Chris, Steve and Alan: Let it go, guys, please. For the sake of the memories of your truest fans, let it die gracefully.

Anonymous said...

The only YES album I do not own or ever will is the drama album. Not a YES album without JON. As far as I'm concerned Chris and the boys can put but yet another sickening stain on the magnificient history of the greatest band that ever was by allowing some stand-in wanna be JON ANDERSON, but they are seriously hurting their own legacy by doing so. Ofcourse continue creating and performing beautiful and mind blowing music as you guys always have, but please try to retain a modicum of self-respect, and rember that one of the most attractive aspects of YES is that they were never sell-outs for a buck to the myopic corporate philistines of this world.

Anonymous said...

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