Man spends $70,000 on building his own Dark Knight Tumbler! Remember when Batman had a simple Batmobile?

Bob Dullam should now be considered for the Coolest Person Ever Born award. In the event this award does not yet exist, I will seek out the proper authorities to make it official, and to make sure Bob’s is the first name on the list. Because, you see, Bob went out and did what is arguably the coolest thing ever done: Bob built his own replica of the Batmobile from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. That’s right: Bob built himself his own Tumbler.
Bob was in the unfortunate position of not having any blue prints for the vehicle – or, for that matter, any technical information whatsoever. So Bob did what any of us would do if we were geniuses and eligible for the Coolest Person Ever award: he used photographs and built every external piece of the Tumbler from scratch. He estimates his efforts cost him between $50 to $70,000. It is my argument that a price cannot be put on the awesomeness of this endeavor.