Lisa Marie Presley hates Marie Claire and loves Entertainment Tonight!

Star Pulse:
Lisa Marie Presley has distanced herself from an upcoming Marie Claire exclusive, accusing magazine bosses of simplifying a heartfelt interview she gave......... "I gave a 3 hour heart felt interview and what became of it was Quotes that were usually about something else entirely in the conversation, grossly simplified and taken way out of context and sprinkled randomly and erroneously throughout the 2 pages.
"If you want it (magazine) for the photos then great but I am not behind the article at all.".............The rocker is far more complimentary about news show Entertainment Tonight after bosses agreed not to reveal she was pregnant with twins when she blurted out the happy news during an interview months ago.
The show's editor agreed to cut the revealing footage after Presley promised him a proper exclusive when she was ready to tell the world. That came this week.
She writes, "They really could have ran with it (baby news) but they said they would not. They actually kept their word, which I found so refreshing, I couldn't believe it.
"I really want to thank them for that. They are one of the last remaining Entertainment news shows that has kept its dignity and high standards in the current morally degraded climate we are now in."