Lenny Kravitz denies being Velvet Revolver's new lead singer. Who is next? Joe Cocker? Britney Spears? Axl Rose?

I mentioned Joe Cocker as a joke initially. But then I thought about it. That actually wouldn't suck. Maybe they could get Axl Rose outside into some sunlight and....I know, I know...........
Rolling Stone:
Contrary to internet reports today, Lenny Kravitz is not set to become the new singer of Velvet Revolver. The singer told RollingStone.com, “I know and love the Velvet Revolver guys but there is no truth to the story about me joining their band.” Rumors out of the U.K. claimed that Kravitz was “spotted” in the studio with the now-singer-less Velvet Revolver and suggested that Kravitz has just enough star power to fill the role vacated by Scott Weiland (who pretty much filled the role vacated by Axl Rose). However, Kravitz has been busy touring Europe and hasn’t had any contact with the VR camp. Kravitz is just the latest vocalist to be essentially handed VR’s microphone by the rumor mill, following artists like Sebastian Bach, Spacehog’s Royston Langdon and that guy who won Rock Star: Supernova.