Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Danielle Fishel "Topanga" gets her own TV show on the Style Network!

Danielle Fishel? Sure I'll give the show a shot! I'm a big fan. I hear that Ms. Fishel is a regular Geno's World reader and would looooooooooooooove to give me an exclusive interview. Stay tuned..................

The Dish:

No Impractical Trend Or Jaw Dropping Moment Will Go Unnoticed, Including The Best From Red Carpets, Tabloid Headlines, TV Series And Those Celebrities Who Impressed Us Most. From the great minds behind "The Soup" on E! comes "The Dish" on The Style Network, premiering Saturday, August 16 at 10PM ET/PT. Hosted by the saucy Danielle Fishel, "The Dish" has its finger on the pulse of pop culture, fashion and beauty to bring you a fresh take on your favorite obsessions, guilty pleasures and I-hate-myself-for-loving-it TV shows. From the must-see moments of Project Runway and Top Model to who is packing a baby bump (or just extra craft services) to headlines so absurd we couldn't make them up, it's the best and worst of celebrity culture. Plus, we're rounding up and doling out delectable topics like "Carpet Bombs," "Flabulous," "What to Wear When..." and "Not Ready For Primetime Outfits" (think high-heel wearing/sprinting FBI agents).


loud said...

This dish is such a great show

Anonymous said...

I agree.. i love it

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