Win a date with Miley Cyrus.....if you have the cash!

Want to win a date with Miley Cyrus? Well get your credit card at the ready because the Hannah Montana star is giving one lucky person the chance to spend an evening in her company through an online auction, with the proceeds going to a charity honouring her late grandfatherThe Pappy Cyrus Family Foundation is named after Cyrus' paternal grandfather Ron, who died in 2006, and aims to help deprived children across the U.S. by providing improved health care, education and community support.And Cyrus has taken the first step to raise money for the organisation by giving fans the chance to accompany her to the premiere of her forthcoming film Bolt.She is also auctioning off several items of clothing from her personal wardrobe.The sale will begin on internet site eBay on Tuesday night with bidding closing on 29 July, according to Foxnews.