Will Smith CRUSHES his daughter!

New York Magazine is trying to be funny, but I think they went a bit too far......

In a box-office match-up as hilarious as it was potentially traumatizing, Will Smith went head-to-head with his adorable offspring over the weekend when his film Hancock opened opposite Kit Kittredge: An American Girl, which starred 7-year-old Willow Smith in a supporting role. A few weeks ago, Willow obnoxiously bragged to an interviewer, "He thinks he is going to be beat me, but I think not. I think I am going to beat him" — to which her father, during a Letterman appearance, sagely responded, "Daddy loves you, sweetie, but I gots to stomp you at the box office."
So how'd things go down? Over the holiday weekend, drunk-superhero comedy Hancock overcame crappy reviews and Vulture antipathy to extract an astonishing $107 million from American audiences (and $185 million from filmgoers worldwide), while Willow's (presumably) ham-fisted performance in Kittredge proved to be box-office kryptonite: in its first five days of wide release, her film staggered to an embarrassing $3.6 million — not even enough to cover its meager $8 million budget — when the anticipated hordes of doll-purchasing young women failed to materialize. While it's hard not to feel a little sorry for a seven-year old whose film career is already an irreparable failure, one would think that even a second grader should be wise enough not to bet against Will Smith on the Fourth of July.