Shonelle's new single "T-Shirt" promises to be a smash hit! The new Rihanna!

As the latest artist to come out of the Caribbean musical atmosphere, Pop and R&B singer/songwriter Shontelle releases her first single "T-Shirt" nationwide on July 15th. Combining her influences ranging from Alicia Keys to Bob Marley, "T-Shirt" showcases Shontelle's song writing abilities set against a backdrop of heavy pop beats. The single is slated to be the latest Crossover smash to be featured on radio stations across the country and is being released by music mogul Steve Rifkind's SRC/Universal Records. Shontelle grew up in Barbados with fellow hit maker Rihanna, whom she shares a common story line with having parallel musical experiences and personal history. Both Shontelle and Rihanna were affected by the same sounds and professional goals at early ages being schooled together. It is these influences that are reflected in both artists' endeavors. In addition to "T-Shirt", Shontelle's upcoming album "Shontelligence" - to be released in the Fall of 2008 - is destined to call upon her Barbadian roots, as well as showing her own incredible range and diversity with sounds firmly grounded in everything from reggae to classic R&B.
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