Monday, July 07, 2008

"The Mummy 3" director vows that the movie will be "perfect"! Brendan Fraser and Jet Li star.

'Mummy 3' Director Strives For Special-Effects Perfection 'Until They Pry It Out Of My Hands'
'I'm on every pixel, every detail, all the time,' Rob Cohen says.

"The face is way too hot. It doesn't look like Jet Li, it looks like the guy from 'Saw.' It's not supposed to look like a mask!"
"I've had problems with this before and I've told you about it. He's looking like a guy in black pig sh--. If you look at what we've got — he's the creature from the Black Lagoon!"
"The backgrounds are taking away from the reality we've established! Flat, flat, flat, flat, flat, flat, flat, flat, flat!"

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